Visual Studio 2010 New Features

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New Features of Visual Studio 2010

I have spent a lot of time while having a  walk through the new features  of Visual Studio 2010. These are the new features I came across while using VS 2010.


1] New Code Editor and MEF :

Visual Studio (VS) 2010 introduces a new Editor composed of extensible objects using the Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF). It is built on WPF to provide a  class 1 graphics engine with APIs written & designed for the latest version of .NET. Other components moving to this architecture in VS2010 include the Visual Studio Languages, Web Tools, the Debugger,  the new C++ project system, DSL Tools, and SharePoint Designer.  Each of these components are using or offering MEF extension points.

2] WPF and the New Visual Studio UI

VS 2010 incorporates a new WPF-based presentation layer and many core UI assets have been migrated to WPF, for example the menus and toolbars, code editor, start page, etc. VS 2010 also incorporates a fresh new theme that will provide a pleasant and favorable work environment for developers. VS 2010 makes it easy to integrate WPF UI with the VS WPF visual tree through the use of new VS window hosting interfaces, and in doing so, inherit VS 2010 theme styling.

3] VS2010 Shell

The Visual Studio Shell enables developers to rapidly create and distribute their own custom tools by building them on top of the core Visual Studio IDE.  There are two shell “modes” and both are available via a royalty-free license.

i)The Visual Studio Shell (Integrated Mode)

ii)The VS Shell (Isolated Mode)

4] VS2010 Extension Manager

The VS2010 Extension Manager enables developers to more easily share, acquire and manage Visual Studio Extensions.  It will support extensions such as Project Templates, Item Templates, VS Packages, Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) components, and even custom extension types .

The extension manager will display the same content and extensions as the Visual Studio Gallery ( ) which will continue to provide browser access as an alternative to view and download VS extensions.The VS2010 Extension Manager also introduces a new file format for deployment of VS extensions. VSIX files are based on the Open Packaging Convention (OPC) Zip  format and contain a manifest and payload.

5] Web Tools

Visual Studio 2010 includes an array of new functionality for Web developers which include support for new features now available in the 4.0 framework

6 ] Web Deployment and Web Packaging

With Visual Studio 2010 and IIS Web Deployment Tool (MsDeploy.exe). Microsoft Web Deployment Tool is a free download available on the web (currently in Beta2). You can download MSDeploy from below location:

7] Silverlight  and WPF Tools

The WPF Designer extensibility API will be changing in VS 2010 to accommodate both WPF and Silverlight.

8] SharePoint Integration

Visual Studio 2010 introduces new SharePoint tools in an effort to make SharePoint development easier and more intuitive for .NET developers.  These tools include new project and item templates you can use to create SharePoint sites, lists, document libraries, workflows and other types of SharePoint content. Visual Studio 2010 also provides new visual designers for Web Parts, application pages, business data catalog (BDC) models, and packaging. In addition, in Visual Studio 2010 you can now use Server Explorer to connect to your SharePoint sites and navigate the hierarchy and contents of these sites from within Visual Studio.

9] Parallel Computing Platform (PCP)

Visual Studio® 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 will introduce a number of technologies as part of Microsoft’s Parallel Computing Initiative to help programmers build innovative applications that utilize the power of  multi-core architectures

10] Cloud Tools

As of March 2009, the Windows Azure Tools extend VS2008.  Future releases of the Windows Azure Tools have support in VS2010.

If you want a detailed walk through, check out Bill Leach’s blog entry at

As I go through  VS 2010 I shall write about the features I discover. Till then Happy Reading


Uday Vaswani.

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