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People Sense – finding friends on Windows Phone

According to Spanish-language site Microsoft Place, the company is in the process of developing an app called People Sense, which looks to deeply integrate Bing Maps with messaging and calling features. Currently in the development stage, People Sense, codenamed Buddy Aware will allow you to share

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BBM Beta now available for Windows Phone.

Blackberry rolls out BBM for Windows Phone, retains the native user experience and modern design of the Windows UI. BlackBerry has now made its BlackBerry Messenger available for all users on the Windows phone platform. The messaging app is open to Windows Phone 8 and

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Nokia Refocus – Windows Phone 8

Nokia Refocus now supports all Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8 operating system. Nokia Refocus now available for Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8 Nokia Refocus which was initially available for Lumia Pureview smartphones only, has now been launched for all Lumia smartphones, including Lumia

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Instagram to arrive on Windows Phone soon

Instagram is one of the most anticipated apps on Windows Phone platform. If Nokia’s new teaser image is to believed, the wait for Instagram app on WP is going to be over pretty soon. Nokia has tweeted an image of two Lumia 1020 smartphones, with