GITCA Presents “24 Hours in the Cloud” – June 1st

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GITCA Presents “24 Hours in the Cloud” – June 1st

Please note that the GITCA “24 Hours in the Cloud” round-the-world virtual event focusing on Cloud Computing is scheduled for June 1st. The speakers will be available via twitter to answer your questions [tweet using #24hitC to submit a question]. Please visit to find out more.

This is a very important community project and GITCA, supported by Microsoft, is acting as the enabler. So this is the community helping the community. As June 1st draws near, GITCA is putting the final touches to the event. GITCA has a great selection of presentations from experienced speakers from around the world. Please go to to view the list of speakers and to view the list of sessions.

The first session, keynote by Doug Terry of Microsoft Research (interviewed for IT Manager Connection) and Chairman of the ACM TechPack on Cloud Computing, will start at 9am Pacific Daylight Time [UTC -7]. The event can be accessed via which will go fully live on June 1st.


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